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About Us

We are bringing the cat cafe experience to Minneapolis. It will be a fun and relaxing environment where people can spend time with cats and enjoy quality drinks.



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Contact Us

Please contact us with any questions or comments. We love hearing from you! We can be reached on Facebook, Twitter, by email and phone.

The Details

The Cafe Meow will be one space composed of two separate areas: the coffee shop and the cat lounge.

The cafe will be similar to other small coffee shops, providing a comfortable and cozy environment. We will serve coffee, tea, and espresso based beverages alongside baked goods from local bakeries.

The cat lounge is where The Cafe Meow offers its unique experience that has never been seen before in Minneapolis. This space will house cats to come and visit with. Some cats will be available for adoption through local shelters. Patrons pay a cover fee for a set amount of time spent in the cat lounge. This fee will pay for anything cat related at The Cafe Meow. Rules will be in place to ensure proper treatment of the cats, and if anybody breaks a rule they may be asked to leave. The cat room will be monitored to make sure everything runs smoothly.

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Pints and Purrs

The Cafe Meow will be one of many of the local businesses sponsoring the Purrs and Pints event provided by Feline Rescue, Inc and Boom Island Brewing this October 15th.

The day is full of food, beer, crafts, trivia and of course lots of purrs!

October 15th — 1pm – 9pm

Boom Island Brewing Company
2014 Washington Ave. N., Minneapolis MN 55411


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